We Don't Have an R&D Department – We Are One.

Innovation Was Where We Started, Sets Our Current Path – and Is Our Future.

There's a saying in our company: "We don't have an research and developement department – R&D is our business."

And that has always been the case: Our company was founded on an innovation milestone: the invention of industrial pad printing by our founder, Wilfried Philipp. We were the first – and for a long time, the only – business constructing machines of that type.

Over the decades, we have added many other inventions and patents. We have developed our process into a perfect and flexible system. A system with components that are in excellent harmony with one another: from the printing module, machine and production line, to the inks, doctor blades and cups, from pads to lasers and cameras, from the operator panel to the software. A system which also includes our equally excellent advice, training and maintenance. A system which is now about much more than printing, decorating and labeling and can today "print" entire products. A system that works, that lasts and that pays off.

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