Semi-Automation in Modular Design: MODULE ONE

Efficiency Due to Standardization

The MODULE ONE represents a design breakthrough in the field of pad printing for medium-sized batches. Even for smaller budgets, it offers an affordable combination of precision and speed which up to now was only available in significantly more expensive systems. 

This is hardly surprising, since our most complete machine is actually a mini-system in itself; but it is one which is nevertheless available quickly and at an affordable price thanks to its modular design concept. 

Or, as we like to put it: It works immediately, it lasts a long time, and it really pays off.

Performance: Efficient Semi-Automated Printing

Using the MODULE ONE, a single operator can print up to 1,200 pieces per hour in up to three colors with the highest precision. And that on a particularly economical machine, thanks to the shared-part concept. 

Offering a maximum three-color print image measuring up to 125 mm in diameter, the machine is suitable for decorating and labeling a host of substrates, such as toys, figures, model vehicles, etc., as well as for marking technical devices and components.

Components: Variability Due to Flexible Equipment

The MODULE ONE is most certainly our most flexible standard machine. Its central element is an easily accessible base frame that is both robust and attractive and that can be configured with a wide range of equipment to meet various customer requirements.

And that within extremely short delivery times. It’s the intelligent, modular concept which saves on complex construction work after ordering. This means you get a highly customized machine quickly ‒ and at an affordable price.

Up to three print modules from the familiar HERMETIC and/or SEALED INK CUP E series work synchronously and with the customary TAMPOPRINT precision.

 The high-performance intermediate drying module is maintenance-free, runs on low voltage and is therefore energy-saving (significantly lower consumption, but identical output), and can be mounted and exchanged quickly and easily thanks to its insulated standard connector.

The infrared end drying module allows immediate further processing or packaging of the substrate, since its exterior is merely warm to the touch thanks to optimum energy concentration on the printed surface (highest energy density). It also features an energy-saving intermediate cut-off function and, incidentally, is a great piece of industrial design!

The jigs are individually designed and manufactured to TAMPOPRINT’s customary standard of excellence to meet specific customer requirements.

Ergonomics: Simple, Safe, User-Friendly

The central ergonomic idea behind the MODULE ONE was: “A machine that is easy to operate, whose processes are immediately evident, and that also gives an impression of high quality. It should motivate the operator to work cleanly and precisely.

  • The workplace should be suitable for working standing up AND sitting down.
  • Its high-quality, attractive appearance should be pleasing to the eye and sense of touch.
  • Almost shade-free light allows long, less tiring periods of work.
  • The large doors enable easy access from all sides.
  • The rounded corners are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe because they help to avoid injury in the event of a “collision”.

Profile of The MODULE ONE

Stations/positions up to 8, of which 6 are freely configurable
Number of colors 1 to 3
Print modules up to 3 (HERMETIC series and/or SEALED INK CUP E series)
Ink/doctor cup sizes 60, 90, 130 mm ø
Print image size max. 125 mm ø
Print part size max. 180 mm x 180 mm
Safety technology Safety PLC, light curtains, door protection switch
Output up to 1,200 pieces/hour
Tooling time approx. 30 min
Dimensions (length | breadth | height) 6.2 m | 2.2 m | 2.1 m
Components Intermediate drying, infrared drying, part recognition

Any Other Questions?

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.