Flatbed cliché laser for INTAGLIO laser clichés

Specially designed for the requirements of pad printing

With its cooperation partner Lüscher Technologies AG, TAMPOPRINT brings proven laser technology from Switzerland,
especially for the INTAGLIO technology, into the house. The result is the CLICHE LASER Xi. With its compact machine
design and perfectly matched to pad printing, the laser engraves high-resolution pad printing clichés quickly and easily. And all this in excellent engraving quality and at an attractive price-performance ratio. Its striking feature - the particularly high resolution of up to 5080 dpi - ensures high detail reproduction and the realization of the finest structures in the subsequent pad printing process. 

The CLICHE LASER Xi is equipped with stateof-the-art laser technology. Perfectly matched to the needs of pad printing, the direct imaging of high-resolution pad printing clichés takes place. Indirect imaging of TAMPOPRINT record special clichés is also possible (also transverse doctor blade cliché formats).

The number of laser diodes installed depends on the speed required by the customer. An upgrade to increase the output power is possible.

The CLICHE LASER Xi has a cliché support table
on which the clichés are fixed using T-slots. This allows an absolute positioning accuracy of the print image on the cliché. Due to the flat bed construction and the compact design of the machine, the set-up times in the laser system
are massively reduced. In addition, the laser is low-vibration and this enables high engraving precision. A check of the diode power before imaging and, if necessary, calibration of the laser ensures a constant imaging quality.

With the CLICHE LASER Xi not only all TAMPOPRINT INTAGLIO laser cliché formats can be produced at low cost, but also cliché formats of other manufacturers.

Kompakte Bauform
Compact design
CLICHE LASER Xi mit offener Haube
CLICHE LASER Xi with open hood
Cliché holding plate


CLICHE LASER Xi - a look inside the machine


  • Raster and line engraving on one cliché possible
  • Imaging of different cliché sizes possible in one laser process
  • Unsurpassed repeatability for further cliché setting
  • Digital imaging process from prepress to the ready-to-print cliché
  • Perfect for halftone images and CMYK applications


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