The TAMPOPRINT Group of Companies

Everything under One Roof: A Strong Business Family

Even as a public limited company, we remain a family business. A team that sticks together and has a common goal: excellence. Making sure it works, for the long term, and it pays off.

This sense of family also includes our subsidiaries and partner companies. That's why the TAMPOPRINT Group is a real business family. A family that sticks together and has a common goal: excellence. Making sure it works, for the long term, and it pays off.

The Machine Construction Firm in the Family

This company for special machine construction was also founded in its current form by our founder, Wilfried Philipp, and has been a 100% subsidiary of the business family since 1985.

For our customers, this means really having everything under one roof. What's more, our customers also profit from the fact that, at ALFA TOOLS, we construct far more than just printing machines. This universal competence in machine construction offers a clear advantage, especially when it comes to finding complex solutions for new challenges. It means, that we can not only solve difficult challenges, but find an excellent solution.

In-house cliché and pad production and a specialized ink lab

TAMPOPRINT is a comprehensive system supplier. In the same way that we don't just develop machines but construct them in our own factory, we do the same when it comes to clichés, pads and inks: we develop them and see to their production.

To this end, we have our own dedicated operations for cliché production and pad manufacturing, as well as a specialized lab for ink development.

And this benefits our customers, too. Firstly, because it ensures that all TAMPOPRINT products are produced to the same level of excellence as our machines. And secondly, because it means that it is not only the individual components that are excellent. Instead, they are all so well matched that the entire print system is excellent. Making sure it works, for the long term, and it pays off.

TAMPOPRINT International –
Global Market Leadership

As a market leader, it goes without saying that we have an international presence – in some cases going back decades.

One member of the Tampoprint family with its own production capacities serves the US market from a base in Florida.

In Europe, we have a family member in Spain and branches and appointed dealers in many European countries.

Our presence in Asia was established in Japan back in 1974 by a former employee. Thanks to its increasing industrialization, China has also become and remains a fast-growing market. Wilfried Philipp is seen as the “Father of Pad Printing” there.

You can find a list of global contacts here.

Company headquarters of Tampoprint AG in Korntal-Münchingen, Germany
Headquarters of Tampoprint AG in Korntal-Münchingen