"rotary" tampon printing

 Continua with 4 lanes for sealing caps with Ø 28 or 38 mm

  • TAMPOPRINT built the first Continua with 4 lanes in 1981.

  • The system is specially designed for mass production of standard print images and satisfies very stringent quality requirements.

The output of a 4-lane “Continua” is approx. 240,000 items/h for caps with a 28 mm diameter and approx. 180,000 items/h for caps with a 38 mm diameter.

The tried and tested “RTI 2000” tampon printing unit is also available. It guarantees rapid equipping of systems without tools. Tampon roller cleaning guarantees a permanent print quality.

Even at high levels of output, the caps are fed using an ascending conveyor which is very gentle on parts and does not use compressed air, greatly cutting production costs as a result.

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